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Matters needing attention when selecting intelligent zinc throwing machine 09.11,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

Intelligent zinc throwing machine as one of the commonly used hot-dip galvanizing equipment, usually unavoidable to encounter the procurement situation, then about the purchase of intelligent zinc throwing machine in the process of encountering the problem we should solve?

Intelligent zinc throwing

First, what are the common problems?

1. endangering the body. Zinc is located in the chemical periodic table at 30. As one of the heavy metals, excessive intake of zinc can cause irreversible damage to people's health. Therefore, people working in the hot-dip galvanizing industry will be more or less infringed by this aspect, so we should pay attention to choose the type of zinc emissions less, so that the environment, employees, performance has a good promotion.

2. zinc pollution. Zinc is more harmful to aquatic organisms than to human beings. When zinc dust falls on the soil and into rivers, it will enrich the plants and cause harm to the people and animals who eat this plant. In addition, irrigation of farmland with zinc-containing wastewater has a greater impact on crops, resulting in dwarf plants and yellowing of leaves. Among them, zinc is mainly substituted for zinc, excessive zinc can also make soil enzyme inactivation, the number of bacteria reduced, the role of soil microorganisms weakened.

Two, how should we deal with these problems?

Effective response is to buy professional equipment, in a well-organized company to buy Intelligent zinc throwing machine in order to have quality assurance, and after-sales service will be very different.

In the process of choosing and purchasing intelligent zinc throwing machine, we must according to our own needs. If we need any problems in the use process, we should communicate with the manufacturer in time to avoid greater losses.

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