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How does the seller form his own g galvanizing kettle sales advantage?

source:/ 07.07,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

galvanizing kettle   e is a popular industrial product, many manufacturers will be mass production and sales, so how to form their own advantages among so many competitors? I think the seller's service is very important. The following points need attention:

1. We can make zinc-plated furnaces of different sizes for different customers. This is a very humane, general good factory can provide this service, the size of the galvanizing furnace, after all, only a single word could not satisfy all the demand on the market, the manufacturer sold products did not meet your requirements in the size of the galvanized the size of the furnace can you will want to provide manufacturers, and then give you a body to create a proper galvanizing furnace.


The seller has a good attitude. Galvanized furnace is a relatively heavy product, after the purchase of transportation problems must be prepared in advance, for transportation to the buyer need to transport vehicles to deal with the buyer. When buyers come to buy products such as galvanized stoves, the service attitude is also good, after all, customers are god. Have friends do this line before, because once a customer under the single is not big enough so the lack of enthusiasm for his service attitude, the results did not think of this customer just to test the waters, in which would be better to compare the same products to a large number of purchase, as a result people always chose the service attitude is very enthusiastic another factory, this is a lesson.

Good after-sales service. Now is not just to buy galvanized furnace, even buy a normal product, buyers will also take a fancy to the seller's service, coupled with the galvanizing kettle    is a kind of consumption products, in use process, because of improper operation or some other reason fails to contact the seller should do on-call, in general, the product on the date of purchase should provide 1-3 years of free maintenance service, the rest of the some additional services are decided by their own.

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