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Galvanized pot according to the debugging to find a reputable enterprise

source: 07.13,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

As a galvanized pot requiring strong research and development and technical support, it requires a strong team to complete the installation and debugging. The factory looking for providing services to enterprises must study each other's qualifications, it is better to establish a long-term cooperative relationship, galvanized pot with long time, after all, the related maintenance work also needs to have. If it is a good equipment, the pot does not produce zinc slag, and it has the advantages of long service life, good impact resistance and high thermal efficiency. The digital control circuit installed by the equipment can control the temperature of zinc liquid within the range of plus or minus 1 degree.

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Now, most companies are designed for the factory is the internal heating ceramic galvanizing equipment, its appearance design science, heater is installed in the galvanizing pot inside, in order to achieve uniform heating, also need to be evenly when installation, it must have certain technical ability for the enterprise to fit for installation. Only by ensuring the temperature balance of zinc-liquid can it be operated easily, reduce the probability of maintenance, and improve the efficiency of production.

According to the demand of the factory, the enterprise can make different size of galvanizing pot, but must will really need to inform the other party, to avoid making effect will there is a deviation, if the two sides clear goal, the service life of the pot body can be up to 10 years or so, the thermal efficiency can reach above 90%. Combined with intelligent temperature control technology, all together, can also according to the size of the pot of molten zinc content in the body, set up multiple regional temperature control, ensure that the heater does not exceed the specified temperature, thus to further extend the life of the equipment. In a word, if you want stable performance and reliable quality of galvanized pot, the technology and qualification of production enterprises are very important considerations.


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