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Pickling tanks should choose materials with good corrosion resistance

source: 11.14,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

It is now useful for hot-dip galvanizing products, which are obtained from ordinary metal galvanizing processes and have strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance compared to the original state. Galvanized products are popular in the market. There are many areas that use galvanized products, which are more convenient to operate, quality is guaranteed, and material and cost losses are reduced. In the galvanizing process, the metal pickling is carried out using a pickling tank.

 pickling tank

First, what are the benefits of metal pickling treatment?

That is, there is also metal pickling without galvanizing, which is a chemical cleaning method. Remove the dirt and impurities on the surface of the metal product, remove the rust and rust, and restore the original surface state of the metal. Steel and metal are subject to different degrees of corrosion in different environments, and corrosion is inherently damaged and cannot be put into use. If good corrosion resistance is achieved, the corrosion time of these metals is delayed and the service life is relatively extended. The metal acid is mainly prepared by adding water with hydrochloric acid, and the metal is placed in the pickling tank, and then the hydrochloric acid is added with water to be poured into the tank, and the metal surface is cleaned by a special cleaning tool to remove the rust.

Second, choose high-quality pickling tank to ensure good product performance

The pickling tank should be used with good corrosion resistance, so it is necessary to consider this material problem. Now ten years of pickling tanks have pp board and pvc material, or choose pl board pickling tank to use the ideal effect. A good material container to put metal. The solution prepared by adding hydrochloric acid to water will not be corroded and will not affect the pickling effect of the metal, so this can ensure the smooth development of the galvanizing process, and the final galvanized product is truly corrosion resistant. The pickling tank has good material quality, long service life and is not easy to be damaged, which can make the galvanizing work of the manufacturer unaffected. Choose a pickling tank to galvanize metal products, or choose a good material.

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