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How to improve the quality of galvanizing kettle

source: 07.10,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

The most important part of the whole galvanizing line of the factory is the galvanizing kettle.As one of the most advanced technologies in the world, its stability and performance all determine the effect of production products. Therefore, many factory workshops have high requirements on this aspect, only enterprises that can provide high strength galvanized furnace can meet the demand. Major production accidents may occur if the design is not reasonable enough or there are safety hazards.

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In fact, the structure of the furnace body design ultimately determines its heat efficiency, temperature and pressure balance, some enterprises can directly provide import hot dip galvanizing furnace for the factory, its biggest characteristics is the furnace temperature and pressure constant to keep in a balanced state, as long as provide technical enterprise can carry on the design reasonable, can ensure that more than 10 meters of galvanized trough in the process of production, wait up rarely happen. These high quality galvanized furnaces have a life span of 30 to 40 years.

The galvanizing furnace's biggest feature is based on the flat burner, the biggest advantage is the supply of goods will not direct contact with galvanized trough, because here is the radiation heat transfer, this will ensure that heat is more uniform, while avoiding local heat, can also extend the service life and improve the quality of the galvanized. After installing the whole set of galvanized furnace, the company will also make initial adjustment to ensure the best burning rate. Want to guarantee the galvanizing kettle temperature equilibrium, high thermal efficiency and energy saving, it is best to look for professional enterprises, because they have advanced technology, can according to the actual demand for reasonable design of the factory.


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