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What matters need to know about the storage and use of zinc liquid insulation tank?

source: 11.08,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

There are a lot of equipment used in hot galvanizing process. From the perspective of conventional protection, the zinc liquid insulation tank should be indispensable, which can protect the zinc liquid and provide good safety protection and support the smooth processing operation. In fact, there are still a lot of things to know about the storage and use of the zinc liquid tank. How to reduce the risk?

 zinc liquid insulation tank

How to ensure good use?

The use of zinc-liquid insulation tank requires attention to different production and processing environments as well as preservation. According to different industrial production and processing application requirements, the selection of zinc-liquid storage tank will also be different. Attention should be paid to its specifications, models and performance characteristics, whether it can be used well and whether it meets the requirements of industry custody standards. We can learn from the specifications, sizes and application characteristics, and select the actual requirements comprehensively, so as to avoid other problems, which may affect the production and processing and zinc liquid quality. We can consult professionals.

Pay attention to the storage problem of zinc liquid insulation tank

There are also many things to know when saving the zinc liquid tank. Please consider safety issues. The zinc liquid tank should avoid open fire and other heat sources. In addition, it is suggested that clear marking should be done so as to facilitate safety management and prevent other problems.

There are a lot of things to know about the use of zinc liquid insulation tank, which should be strictly conducted in accordance with relevant requirements and standards in the production operation, so as to provide good protection. Pay attention to the fixed treatment of the zinc pot itself, so as to avoid collision and other risks, which require detailed understanding.

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