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The zinc kettle is well protected against leakage

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Hot galvanizing process is one of the effective means to protect metal materials from corrosion. Galvanizing metal materials can create a protective film on the surface of these materials, preventing the chemical reaction between the external oxidation factors and metal materials, i.e. no corrosion. What is needed in the galvanization process is the zinc kettle . The storage problem of the zinc liquid is very important.

Zinc kettle

After chemical cleaning, the metal material is immersed into the molten zinc liquid. The zinc liquid will react with the metal material, forming uniform attachments on the surface of the material. This is the protective film that can protect the metal material from corrosion. After the galvanization treatment, we get galvanized products, which have better corrosion resistance and longer service life than common metal products. Such products are in the market now and the demand is increasing. The zinc plating process cannot reduce the zinc solution. As for the storage of the zinc solution, it is better to store it in the zinc tank, which is specially designed to solve its storage problem. The zinc solution will not leak easily in the storage tank.

Galvanization wants zinc liquid temperature to have a requirement, do not say the zinc fluid of any temperature is ok, in order to make galvanization process is better complete, to galvanization wants to use zinc liquid to have a requirement, not only be to store requirement still the control of its temperature. How do you ensure that the temperature of the liquid zinc doesn't change much? You just put it in a device that has a constant temperature. The liquid or gaseous material commonly used in the chemical industry is stored in tanks, and zinc can also be stored in tanks. Zinc kettle is specially equipped with zinc liquid. This storage tank has good corrosion resistance and is strictly prohibited from sealing. It is not easy to leak the materials inside.

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