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The Zinc liquid insulation tank can solve the problem of zinc liquid preservation

source: 11.02,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

Galvanizing processing plant is to undertake galvanizing the product is processed, the product after galvanizing is treated is more corrosion-resistant, the service life of the product is extended, job processing can have good efficiency. Galvanizing treatment is to immerse the metal product into the molten zinc liquid, the zinc liquid produces the chemical reaction, generates the protective film. Zinc liquid is used in the process of galvanizing. The zinc liquid insulation tank is used to keep the zinc liquid from leaking.

Zinc liquid insulation tank

If you want to have better performance of galvanized products, the process of galvanizing should be strictly regulated. The preservation problem of zinc fluid is manufacturer to take very seriously all the time, zinc fluid is saved bad, so the effect that achieves when the product is galvanization is not ideal, after such product is put into use, also be compared only slightly than common product corrosion-resistant, cannot be compared with the product that is treated by professional galvanization nevertheless. The zinc solution is kept so that it does not leak and the quality of the zinc does not change. The temperature of zinc liquid is not changed. The insulation tank is tightly sealed. There is no leakage of zinc liquid.

The storage tanks of the insulating zinc liquid used today are welded and formed with zinc pot steel plate, which prevents the insulation tank from deforming in the long term. The external insulation tank is reinforced with sufficient strength to fix the insulation tank, and the heater can be installed and used stably. The temperature holding tank is set with temperature measuring point. The temperature control instrument continuously adjusts the furnace temperature so that the furnace temperature is always controlled within the set range, thus automatically controlling the temperature in the storage tank. Zinc liquid insulation tank is to meet the needs of the manufacturer to save zinc-liquid, solve the preservation problems of zinc-liquid, avoid problems with zinc-liquid, do not delay the galvanization process, ensure security, and can also bring high profits to the manufacturer.

Zinc liquid insulation tank zinc kettle zinc plating tank
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