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Long life cycle of zinc kettle is more safe to use

source: 10.12,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

Industrial storage tanks are used to store chemical substances extracted from acid, alkali, alcohol, gas and liquid. Due to different materials, they can be divided into stainless steel storage tanks, ceramic storage tanks, rubber storage tanks, etc. There are various styles such as vault type and floating roof type. Different storage tanks have different performance advantages. It will rust and scale after using thezinc kettlefor a long time.

Zinc kettles

Steel storage tank is prone to rust because the steel material does not have anti-corrosion measures, and it is applied in different environments. Therefore, the material will undergo oxidation reaction, resulting in scaling on the storage tank. The corrosive solution in the tank and the inner wall of the storage tank will react, which will corrode the inner wall, which is not conducive to extending the life of the storage tank. How to deal with the long life of the storage tank? Now there is hot galvanizing technology application, can guarantee storage tank to be corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, use effect is more ideal, also guarantee safety, won't produce explosion danger. The storage tank that USES hot galvanization technology to process is zinc pot again, can buy in special manufacturer, buy on the net more convenient also.

To pack liquid, gas, such as chemicals, cannot use the usual storage containers, to ensure that the deposit of the liquid, gas leak, also want to ensure the safety of container with better corrosion resistance of the tank, has galvanized processing, is immersed in zinc liquid storage tank, reaction, generate a protective film on the outside of the tank, prevent the oxidation of the external factors and storage tank, storage tank can be very good protection. Zinc kettles are safe for transportation and storage of liquids, gases, etc. If want to undertake clean, use professional clean equipment, still can look for professional industry to clean manufacturer service. Now use hot galvanizing technology to handle the equipment well.

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