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The recovery of zinc-ash separator can improve the environment by zinc

source: 07.23,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

When steel materials are used in different environments, there will be different degrees of corrosion. When materials are corroded, there will be little use for them, which will cause waste of materials and economic losses. How can we protect the material from corrosion? Galvanized treatment can enhance the corrosion resistance of materials and extend the service life. Zinc ash separator is used in industrial zinc plating treatment.

zinc-ash separator

Hot dip galvanizing is a method of metal corrosion protection. To give metal galvanizing is to create a protective film on the surface of metal to prevent oxidation of the outside world and metal. In this process, zinc-ash zinc-slag will be produced, which is not to say that it is useless. Zinc-ash zinc-slag can have available metal zinc and zinc oxide, which can be recycled and used again. How to recycle? What needs to be used is the zinc-union separator, which is specially used for zinc recovery. It can separate the waste residue from the available zinc and also deal with the dust generated in production, improve the industrial production environment and make it meet the environmental protection standards.

As long as the factory is engaged in hot galvanization processing, it is necessary to equip the equipment to recover zinc, to recover the available zinc with the equipment, and to clean up the dregs generated in the process, the environment is not polluted, and the staff can have a good working condition. The equipment cost that Hebei Annuo Automation Technology Co,.Ltd buys is reasonable, equipment quality is superior, the efficiency that USES also is very high, must choose good zinc-ash separator  before choosing to buy equipment so.


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