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Application of zinc kettle in hot dip galvanizing process

source: 10.27,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

Of course, hot dip galvanizing is not unfamiliar to everyone. Of course, hot dip will use a lot of equipment in the zinc process, such as PPP board pickling tank, zinc cigarette recycling and treatment equipment, waste acid recycling and treatment equipment, zinc cans and so on. Today we will focus on the specific application of zinc kettle  in the process of hot dip galvanizing.

zinc kettle

1. What are the advantages of zinc pot for hot dip galvanizing?

It is well known that hot dip galvanizing requires heating of the zinc solution, which is a very large project, and that hot dip galvanizing should continue once the whole process of hot dip galvanizing begins. Due to the particularity of hot dip galvanizing process, the zinc pot plays a very important role. The zinc solution is still hot when the equipment fails during hot dip galvanizing production. If the zinc solution is allowed to cool naturally, it will cost a lot of money to reheat it. In this case, the zinc can is used to solve this problem.

2. As it is widely used in hot galvanizing, how do we choose the manufacturers of zinc cans?

When choosing zinc can manufacturer, should choose scale big manufacturer above all, because scale big manufacturer quality has safeguard; Secondly, we should choose the best sales volume, and the zinc cans with good sales volume are favored by customers. Finally choose a good attitude and perfect after-sales service manufacturers, such manufacturers of products we use to rest assured.

Zinc can plays a very important role in galvanizing. It can save time and cost and avoid time delay. Of course when we choose zinc kettle manufacturer, also want to polish eyes, avoid be deceived.

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