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What is the process flow of Zinc ash separator

source: 07.13,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

In order to solve the problem of environmental protection, many enterprises are very painstaking, Lao li's factory and looking for the company to help, according to the requirements of their production equipment, design the system a good introduction to solve difficult problems of environmental protection. After testing, the Zinc ash separator runs smoothly and has a very low failure rate. The maintenance cost and operating cost are effectively controlled. It has become a hot galvanizing factory, electrolytic zinc long and other related zinc recovery enterprises, most suitable for the introduction of equipment. This time, Lao li was also introduced to find the company by toshu people, and the service here made him very satisfied, and the whole process was very mature and stable.

zinc ash separator

Generally speaking, the zinc ash separator mainly by host, blower, dust removal machine, pipeline and motor parts, consisting of either a link, the company with the most advanced technology of production, make sure that you can run stably for a long time. After a few steps, zinc ash will further collection of fine powder in the separator, the gas will be discharged into dust catcher, filtered clean gas discharge his, collected metal zinc can be fused into the zinc ingot. Fine powder can also be sold directly, or processed into downstream products.

Company takes two to produce zinc ash separator to operation, the traditional methods need to artificial selection, working strength is big, the effect is not obvious, the pollution caused by also is bigger, because the device is used the external dust removal equipment, can meet the requirements of the environmental protection department. Since Lao li's factory adopted zinc-ash separator, it has achieved better separation effect and greatly improved product rate. The key is simple production procedure. Therefore, you can contact and negotiate with the company for this requirement.


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