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Zinc ash separator has high recovery efficiency

source: 11.16,2018 author:Hebei Annuo-Zinc ash separator

The galvanized product is obtained by immersing the metal in molten zinc solution, which is highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion, and can be used with this product. Zinc ash slag is produced during the galvanizing process. How to deal with these? Zinc ash and zinc slag is not purely polluted. It contains zinc oxide and zinc metal, which can be recycled. It needs a zinc ash separator to separate these.

 zinc ash separator

Zinc ash separator can efficiently separate impurities and available zinc

The traditional process equipment is difficult to meet the national environmental protection standards. It is necessary to separate the zinc oxide from the metal zinc. It is difficult to do without professional mechanical equipment, and the equipment is not good enough and the recovery rate is low. Equipment with high recovery is selected to complete the separation of available zinc and impurities. These materials are sucked into the main body through the device, and the metal zinc is deformed by the force to be discharged into the bottom of the machine, and zinc oxide and impurities are pulverized into fine powder by force, and the fine powder is left. The gas enters the precipitator, and the clean gas is discharged into the atmosphere through filtration. The zinc ash separator finally collects metallic zinc and zinc oxide.

This product can reduce the emission of toxic gases and environmentally friendly equipment.

The reason why the separator is used is because the recovery efficiency is high, the zinc and impurities can be separated, and the zinc can be recycled again, and the impurities are pulverized into fine powder and filtered, and the clean gas is discharged into the atmosphere to reduce atmospheric pollution. The operation of the organic equipment realizes the separation of zinc oxide and metal zinc, and also treats the impurities generated in the workshop, reduces the pollution of the workshop, and guarantees the health of the employees working in the workshop.

With the development and innovation of technology, the previously impossible can be completed. The zinc ash separator can recover the available zinc, process the fine powder or directly sell it, and the metal zinc can be refined into a zinc ingot.

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