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What are the advantages of hot dip galvanizing?

source: 11.30,2018 author:Hebei Annuo-hot dip galvanizing

With the rapid development of transportation, high-voltage transmission, communication, etc., the method of hot dip galvanizing is more and more widely used. It is also one of the functions of protecting steel and its parts from atmospheric corrosion. What are the indispensable uses? Let us introduce the advantages of hot dip galvanizing.

hot dip galvanizing

1. Hot dip galvanizing - long use time

Compared with other methods, the consumption of hot dip galvanizing in the atmosphere is relatively slow, about one-seventh to one-eighteenth of the corrosion rate of steel, so its service life is very long. Most of the time can be used for more than 50 years, even the ordinary hot-dip zinc steel components can be used for about 20 years, and the life is very long.

2, hot dip galvanizing - strong protection

The area to be protected is very large, whether it is a recessed place or a corner where other coatings are difficult to enter, the molten zinc is covered very uniformly, and secondly, even if the steel is not comparable to its hardness, its hardness value reaches one. From 177 to 200, hot dip galvanizing has good impact and wear resistance. Even in the corners and corners, the zinc layer is thicker than other places, even if it is not badly damaged, a small part of the zinc layer will fall off, and the damaged place will be protected elsewhere.

3, beautiful and practical

Aesthetics and art are also a major feature of it. It can be painted and treated when used. It is not only easy to construct, but also enhances the anti-corrosion effect by a factor of five. It looks good and easy to use. Why not?

The above is the introduction of the advantages of the hot dip galvanizing process. It can be seen that there are three reasons for the wide application, the long use time, the strong protection and the beauty and practicality.

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