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Advances in hot dip galvanizing technology have made our living environment more beautiful

source: 08.24,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

Along with the development of the country, the progress of science and technology information, China's batch of hot dip galvanizing technology also rapid development, China has become a mass of hot dip galvanized big country in the world, but part of the backward technology and equipment of the enterprise, causes the environmental pollution and high energy consumption is still unstable factors for the sustainable development of the industry. In recent years, we have also made some technical improvements to the environment pollution.


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First of all, the introduction of pickling technology, for bulk hot-dip galvanizing, pickling process often brings a lot of acid fog, waste water, waste acid become one of the main pollution processes in the workshop. To save resources and protect the environment, researchers have improved the pickling equipment.

Secondly, alloy addition technology, in batch hot galvanizing, adding alloy can not only improve the fluidity of zinc liquid, but also purify the composition of zinc liquid, reduce the generation of zinc dust and zinc residue, but also improve the surface quality of zinc parts and the corrosion resistance of the coating.

Finally, smokeless electroplating technology, in the batch hot dip galvanizing process, can produce a great deal of smoke and dust pollution problem. By introducing the smokeless electroplating technology, the infiltration between workpiece and zinc solution was improved.

In recent years, China'shot dip galvanizing technology has made rapid progress, and environmental protection is also the top issue at present. In order to create a good living environment for everyone, we must improve our technology and leave everyone with a blue sky.


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