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Application of nickel alloy in hot dip galvanizing 08.07,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

As one of the effective methods to improve the anti-atmospheric corrosion performance of steel, hot dip galvanizing has been widely used to prevent corrosion of steel structures exposed to outdoor environment such as transmission towers, lamp posts, highway guardrails and microwave towers due to its long service life and little maintenance. However, in recent years, with continuous casting embryo technology gradually replacing the traditional low-output and high-energy casting ingot embryo technology, the chemical composition of cast steel is generally high in silicon content, usually up to 0.10%-0.30%.

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In conventional 440-450 ℃ hot dip galvanized, as a result of the action of st deling effect, a large number of plating a super thick and poor adhesion, the gray surface coating, make product quality decreased obviously, galvanized costs have greatly improved. At the same time because of its surface flake gray coating, steel structure on the surface of the beautiful, consistency, can't meet the requirements of the appearance of the special steel components, therefore, in recent years, according to the relevant domestic hot plating nickel alloy plating technology, add a certain amount of zinc in conventional hot galvanizing liquid zinc nickel alloy, effectively solved because of holy deling efficiency caused by the poor plating super thick and sticky, irregular flake zinc plating, tears gray layer, can improve the liquidity of galvanizing liquid, save zinc effect, also can reduce the liquid zinc corrosion of zinc pot to iron, etc.

We nearly five years in view of the high silicon content in hot dip galvanizing production of steel plate, composed of semikilled steel and steel components of electricity transmission &transformation facilities tower such as highway guardrail, columns, and other parts, add a small amount of zinc nickel alloy in liquid zinc, effectively conclusion high silicon content in hot dip galvanized steel components of poor surface quality problem, compared to the conventional galvanized layer coating obtained more smooth, colour and lustre downy light.

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