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How to choose a suitable hot dip galvanizing lines supplier

source: 07.28,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

What is hot dip galvanizing? What's it for? We believe that many large industrial manufacturers are familiar with this term because it is widely used. The following is an introduction to what hot galvanizing is and how to select qualified hot dip galvanizing lines supplier.

hot dip galvanizing lines supplier

Hot dip galvanizing is also called hot dip zinc and hot dip galvanized, it is by except the rust of steel into the liquid zinc is about 500 ℃, make its surface a layer of zinc layer, reach the purpose of corrosion protection. However, this method has a certain historical significance, and its recent popularity is also due to the wide application of cold rolling steel, which has greatly expanded this industrial method.

Someone may ask, if there is hot galvanizing, is there cold galvanizing? Indeed, although both methods aim to attach zinc to the surface of steel, the difference between the two methods is considerable. The cost of cold galvanizing is relatively low, and the effect is not as good as hot galvanizing. The principle of "hot expansion and cold shrinkage" can also be explained. The zinc layer adheres to the device under the condition of extreme heat exposure.

Having said that, which one of the suppliers is better? Hebei annuo environmental protection equipment co., LTD., founded in 1998, has gradually developed into a comprehensive service company integrating shift change, hot dip galvanization, whole production line consultation and design after 20 years of grinding and training.

In addition, the hot dip galvanizing lines supplier has accumulated many years of experience in the field of hot dip galvanizing, high temperature galvanizing, low temperature galvanizing and other fields.


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