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Regular maintenance of galvanizing pot is very necessary!

source: 07.28,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

Galvanizing pot is one of the core equipment of galvanized enterprise. It is very necessary for enterprises to use the galvanizing pot correctly and maintain it on time. It is one of the most concerned problems for enterprises to choose the proper time to repair the galvanized pot and choose which particular way can better reduce the production cost of enterprises. In order to meet the needs of customers, shuntai environmental protection has accumulated and summarized the maintenance methods of galvanized pot after years of industrial experience, playing a positive role in the operation of enterprises and the development of the industry.

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Zinc-plated pot is always under high temperature zinc-liquid corrosion and flowing zinc hydraulic strong operation. Zinc-pot special steel plate will have some different performance changes than normal temperature.

First, creep and stress relaxation of special steel plate for zinc pot

Second, the steel plate metal in the high temperature long - term operation of the organization changes

3. Special damage of steel plate under high temperature and zinc pot production starting change

4. The unstable high temperature makes the liquid zinc accelerate the corrosion of the inner wall of the zinc pot

Zinc pot in the late use thickness thinning, precipitation area and the zinc pot, hot work make the corrosion speed for a long time, so the zinc pot in the corresponding time after start running to the zinc pot for zinc maintenance, avoid using a long time no galvanizing pot for maintenance in time, zinc pot plate caused leakage accident, serious corrosion to galvanized enterprise cause unnecessary economic losses.


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