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What are the advantages of hot dip galvanizing produced by good manufacturers?

source:galvanizing lines 02.07,2019 author:Hebei Annuo

Hot dip galvanizing is a very efficient metal anticorrosion method. It is generally used on all major metal equipment. What are the advantages of hot dip galvanizing produced by good manufacturers compared to other anticorrosive products?

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1. The coverage is wide and the whole equipment can be well protected. For example, some places in steel are rugged, even difficult to reach corners, hot dip galvanizing can be well covered, to achieve all-round protection.

2. The hardness value is large. The hardness of the lower layer of hot dip galvanizing can reach 179 or 211 DPN, while the hardness of steel is only about 159 DPN, so good quality hot dip galvanizing can have a very good protection against metal, in the case of strong collision, Metal does not collapse easily or cracks, etc.

3. Better protection in the corner area. In the shape of the metal material, hot dip galvanizing has a very good characteristic that the more the corner area is, the easier it is to form a protective layer, and the protective layer is thicker than the coating of other materials. For metal materials, the corner area is often the most vulnerable part, and the application of this quality hot-dip galvanized layer can better protect the corner area.

4. Sacrificial anode protection metal. In daily use, metal materials are inevitably subject to different degrees of loss. In the event of a large collision, the hot dip galvanized layer on some parts of the metal material will fall off due to impact, and at this time, hot dip plating The zinc layer protects the exposed metal in the air by sacrificing the anode so that it will not be corroded by the air so quickly. If it is other coating materials, it is impossible to achieve this. It will rust immediately when exposed to the air.

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