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Basic principles and advantages of galvanized pots

source:Hebei Annuo 01.25,2019 author:Hebei Annuo

In recent years, as the technology of hot dip galvanizing has gradually matured,galvanized pots  have gradually gained a certain amount of market share. Almost many plants consider galvanizing pots when conducting technical supervision of production and manufacturing. Today, Xiaobian mainly talks about its future development and advantages from its basic principles and reaction mechanism.

First, the basic principle

galvanized pots

Because of the special nature of the hot-dip galvanizing material, it is mainly used to completely immerse the corresponding metal material or small part in the molten zinc liquid when manufacturing the galvanizing pot. Once a physical chemical reaction occurs in contact with the outside air, a metal travel mark is formed on the surface of the material. Almost any factory has turned the galvanizing pot into a complex to simple transition, after all, galvanizing pots play a larger role in the entire hot dip galvanizing equipment.

Second, the advantages of galvanized pots.

In the early industrial development, most of the zinc pots were formed by pig iron, and the carbon content of the pot was quite desirable to some extent. So after many experiences and experiments, it has evolved into today's galvanized pots. Not only is corrosion resistance good, but the service life is also extended.

The most important thing is that the current galvanizing pots are mostly made by resistance heating. The simple investment is relatively small, the heating efficiency and the environment are relatively uniform, so there is still a big advantage. It is better than the traditional coal burning. .

All in all, the galvanizing pot is an important hot dip galvanizing equipment with high temperature control precision and convenient maintenance. In industrial production, if this production technology is used maturely, then the steel construction factory in all aspects is undoubtedly the greatest gospel.

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