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How to Pretreatment Enclosure

source:Hebei Annuo Pretreatment Enclosure 12.13,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

Galvanized products are very popular today. These products are better in corrosion resistance and wear resistance. They are not susceptible to corrosion in different environments and have a longer service life. Ordinary metal products do not have the effect of galvanizing products. To change the ordinary metal products into galvanized products, what are the operations of the Pretreatment Enclosure? What is the difference?

In general metal products to be galvanized, the metal surface should be cleaned physically or chemically to expose the most essential substrate. Physical cleaning is difficult to clean the metal surface rust or impurities, but also chemical methods, such as hydrochloric acid or nitric acid, so that the rust on the metal surface falls off. It is then dried and immersed in molten zinc. The zinc solution reacts chemically with the metal surface to form a zinc alloy coating to protect the metal from corrosion. For the requirements of the zinc liquid to reach the molten state, it is necessary to preheat the heating effect of the chassis, and also ensure that the thermal conductivity of the boiler is good, and the zinc liquid is heated.

Pretreatment Enclosure

The completion of galvanizing is not the final step. Passivation of galvanized metal products is not to be corroded during the transportation of the product, and to make the anti-corrosion effect last longer. The passivation process must be completed, and the passivation effect is to look at the passivation process. All of the above are completed, and the product is tested, and the quality reaches the standard and then the final packaging. There are many links to be experienced in the whole galvanizing process. In order to finally show a good galvanizing effect, it is necessary to do a good job in the preliminary preparation work, and all links remain in a stable state. To ensure the completion of the Pretreatment Enclosure, the entire galvanizing process can be guaranteed to obtain a quality product.

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