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Basic use of hot dip galvanizing equipment 12.07,2018 author:Hebei Annuo-hot dip galvanizing equipment

Hot dip galvanizing is a very effective process to prevent metal corrosion and is widely used in various industrial fields where metals are used. Its simple process is that the iron base forms an alloy with the outer zinc, which has strong adhesion and uniformity and a long service life. So, what are the processes for using Hot dip galvanizing equipment?

Hot dip galvanizing equipment

First, loading

The outer surface of the steel pipe shall not be contaminated with impurities and dirt, and no artificial bending damage shall occur.

Second, the material is pickled and washed

Before hot dip galvanizing equipment, workers must take protective measures and wear overalls. Generally, pickling will use hydrochloric acid. When the tube is down, first place the head that stands on it to prevent splashing of hydrochloric acid. The time is about 5-15 minutes, so you should shake it often. After that, it should be washed with water, and it should be carried out in a flowing clear water tank, and all the steel pipes should be immersed in the clear water pool. After the cleaning is completed, the water should be cleaned and treated as soon as possible to prevent the steel pipe from being oxidized.

Third, solvent treatment

The steel pipe should be completely immersed in the solvent, wait until the ends do not bubble, then lift the steel pipe from one side, shake up and down, then lift the whole steel pipe to control the net solvent, put it into the control dry frame.

Fourth, the steel pipe is dried

Drying is mainly to remove water, and then it can also raise the temperature of the steel pipe itself, which can then accelerate the galvanizing.

5. Hot dip galvanizing

Finally, the most critical step is to use a fully immersed semi-automatic method for galvanizing steel pipes: pull in, press, rotate, pull out, and then lift. When melting zinc, it should be heated slowly, avoiding rapid fire.

Sixth, lead out, blow out

After the zinc-plated tube is raised, it is taken out by a magnetic pipe and then blown outside. Compressed air is used for external blowing, preferably at temperatures above 70 degrees.

Hot dip galvanizing equipment is very advanced and practical. Nowadays, many large enterprises, especially those that use many steel materials, will introduce hot-dip galvanizing equipment, which can produce long-life, stronger and corrosion-resistant products, and can also greatly save resources that are wasted by corrosion.

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