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What is the zinc ash separator and what does it do?

source: 12.04,2018 author:Hebei Annuo-Zinc ash separator

The material operation of the equipment of the zinc ash separator is completed by the fan, and the whole operation process is negative pressure operation, and there is no dust overflow, so that the environmental protection requirements can be well achieved, and the health of the staff is also good. Brought protection. The equipment of the separator is compact in structure, high in automation, small in area, and high in work efficiency.

zinc ash separator

Zinc ash separator - very high recovery.

The production cost of the zinc ash separator is low, but the recovery rate is very high, and the working environment of the workers is also well improved. The zinc ash zinc slag is produced in the production process of the hot galvanizing plant and the electrolytic zinc plant. A waste residue is produced, the main components being zinc oxide, metallic zinc and impurities. Among them, zinc oxide and zinc metal have economic value, but they are separated from impurities, so it is necessary to use a separator.

Zinc ash separator - combined with high technology, the noise is very small.

The zinc ash separator is inexpensive, but has a high return on investment. And in the production process, the production cost is low, and only one person needs to operate one device. This type of separator uses high-tech technology, so the noise generated during the use of this separator is very small. The equipment of this separator uses a dust removal device to achieve environmental standards.

Now the zinc ash separator has been used in many fields, so it will not pose a threat to people's living environment, and it can also guarantee the physical and mental health of the staff. These can bring positive effects to many enterprises or factories. . With the security guarantee, this can better improve the progress of the whole era, and it is also a factor that makes many enterprises become more powerful, and at the same time, the enthusiasm of workers is improved.

Zinc ash separator galvanizing equipment hot dip galvanizing equipment
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