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How to solve the pollution problem in the galvanizing plants

source: 12.01,2018 author:Hebei Annuo- galvanizing plants

In recent years, with the development of industrial technology, galvanized products have entered the market. The galvanized metal products are chemically reacted by immersion in molten zinc to form a coating to protect the metal from corrosion. The galvanizing process will cause pollution, and there will be zinc ash and zinc slag. These will cause pollution in the galvanizing plants . How can the galvanizing plants solve the pollution problem in the workshop?

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How is the galvanizing plants  processed?

In the traditional way and technology, the effect is not satisfactory, and the zinc ash generated in the workshop cannot be treated. The zinc ash separator should be used. This is to absorb the zinc ash and zinc slag produced in the workshop. After multiple procedures, the separation of zinc oxide and metal zinc is carried out, and the dust impurities are crushed into small and non-polluting extent. And then discharged into the atmosphere. The advantage of this treatment is that it can recycle the useful zinc ash slag, and it can reduce the degradation of dust and reduce the pollution of the workshop. The galvanizing plants is galvanized, and it is inevitable to produce zinc ash and zinc slag, but it is necessary to have a good dust treatment method to solve the pollution.

The galvanizing plants will not pollute the environment.

The zinc ash separator used may have different actual operations due to different constructions, some require several people to operate, and some are automated operations. Nowadays, the technology is progressing very fast. It is better to use the intelligent zinc ash separator. The startup program can let the equipment start to process itself. It does not need many people, so it is also to reduce the personnel operation and ensure the safety of the operators. No matter what production and processing plant will produce pollution, it is necessary to have a good treatment method to prevent environmental pollution from being aggravated, and to have health guarantee for those who work in the workshop. The pollution problem of the workshop in the galvanizing plants , the zinc ash separator can be selected to remove dust efficiently.

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