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Hot dip galvanizing to ensure the normal use of metal products

source: 11.26,2018 author:Hebei Annuo-hot dip galvanizing

Metal products have varying degrees of corrosion in different environments. Steel and metal products have been corroded, destroyed the internal structure, and can not be used normally. These products are invalidated and directly cause economic losses. What should I do to reduce economic losses and ensure the use of metal products? A viable method is hot dip galvanizing, which slows down the rate at which metal products are corroded by the environment.

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What is the process of hot dip galvanizing?

The galvanizing process is to immerse the cleaned and activated metal product in the molten zinc solution, and form a zinc alloy coating with good adhesion on the surface of the metal product through the reaction and diffusion between the zinc and iron. The denseness and durability of the coating are all Very strong, compared with other anti-corrosion methods, the galvanizing process is a combination of physical and chemical methods to protect the metal, which is very advantageous in terms of anti-corrosion effect. There are a lot of galvanized products used today. It is precisely because the galvanizing process guarantees the use of galvanized products. The application of metal products can be normal and not easily corroded. Hot dip galvanizing is a good anti-corrosion method for galvanizing metal products and reducing material loss on the other hand.

What are the hot dip galvanizing equipment?

To carry out the galvanizing of the product, it is necessary to have galvanizing equipment. Which galvanizing equipment is good? First of all, we must know the equipment to be used in all aspects of galvanizing. It is necessary to use acid washing tank for pickling and washing. The pp sheet is ideal. This kind of corrosion resistance and impact resistance will not damage the pickling tank. Do a pickling session. To use a zinc pump, this is to extract the remaining zinc from the boiler, only the pump. The general pump is not acceptable, it must be a corrosion-resistant pump, and the zinc liquid should not be damaged by corrosion. Which hot dip galvanizing equipment to choose depends on whether the manufacturer's technology is too strong, so that manufacturers have good quality assurance.

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