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Fluxing Tank Reprocessing & Regenerating system cannot little

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With industrial development, many areas began to hot dip galvanized products, the advantage of this product anticorrosion fixed number of year for a long time, better adapt to the environment. In the tower, railway, highway, etc are widely used. Hot dip galvanized processing process of plating, this would require the application of Fluxing Tank Reprocessing & Regenerating system , using solvent for galvanized processing.

 Fluxing Tank Reprocessing & Regenerating system

In the process of solvent treatment, is to put the pipe into the solvent tank, condole relaxed to steel pipe all immersed in the solvent, exposing solvent on the surface of steel tube surface is not permitted. Wait until bubbled out on both ends of the pipe, the steel pipe up and down the side of the vibration, lift pole control net after solvent into the drying test bench. Steel tube in the process of solvent processing, steel Angle is not greater than 15, the plating in solvent soak time for 1 to 2 minutes, back to 3-5 minutes of immersion plating, succession back tube plating soak 5-10 minutes. Solvent temperature plating maintain room temperature, flux filtration and regeneration process, to guarantee the clean of solvent, after processing steel pipe can't have a foreign body.

Now use hot dip galvanized products is very extensive, with such a product can save material, reduce economic loss. Products will be hot dip galvanized processing factory, will be carried out in accordance with the galvanizing process, each process has to improve, to ensure the quality of the final product. Want to know what fixed number of year of the galvanized anti-corrosion products can achieve plating process, the ready to link is the manufacturer of galvanized processing. Technology, of course, different manufacturers have different, Fluxing Tank Reprocessing & Regenerating system also has difference, so the final product quality. No matter how, every working procedure to be galvanized processing, in accordance with the requirements can't lack.

Fluxing Tank Reprocessing & Regenerating system hot dip galvanizing equipment Hot Galvanizing Equipment
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