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Purchase guidelines for Zinc ash separator

source: 10.16,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

In some galvanizing line, often can see the figure of zinc ash separator, as the name implies, is the role of the zinc oxide, zinc, and in addition to impurities separated, because of the high practical value of zinc oxide and zinc metal, but can only be used to separate them, so a lot of manufacturer are prefer to use zinc ash separator is the equipment, but how to avoid being in the process of buy zinc ash separator pit?

zinc ash separator  

      Choosing a good manufacturer is the key point.

Why are manufacturers important? Because of the quality control is one of our standard of choose and buy, may have some strange people the word for the quality control, so let me explain: the quality control is the product quality control, refers to the command and control organization in terms of quality of coordination of activities, usually including the quality policy and quality objectives and quality policy, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. If the quality control is not good, the product quality cannot be guaranteed. We are still the victim.

Judging from the quality of the product.

Such as zinc ash separator equipment, we are in the process of choose and buy can't so so, because it affects more than just a follow-up work, more about the quality of the galvanized products, so we must from the area, the recovery rate of the product, cost of investment, production and assess the safety aspects of the inspection, so as to determine the suitable for purchase of equipment.

After using a Zinc ash separator with high comprehensive performance, it can not only improve the quality of galvanized products, but also improve the air environment in the workshop, fully maintain the health of the workshop workers, and make the recycling of zinc more thorough.

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