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What improvements have been made to the design of the galvanizing kettle? What are the main features?

source: 10.04,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

With the rapid development of hot galvanizing technology, many improvements have been made in the technology. Among them, many equipment applications, such as galvanizing kettle, are relatively common and can play a good effect. Here also comes together to understand simply, according to actual operation matters and so on operation, guarantee boiler use safety.

galvanizing kettle

1. What about such a processing furnace?

The processing technology of galvanizing furnace has achieved transformation and upgrading, and the overall use effect is still very good. From the operation now use were mostly used the advanced combustion control technology at home and abroad, with full automatic operation mode, changed the past well use defects, such as the unstable, can have a good control effect, for the use of the boiler has better security protection, support the use of a long time, has extended service life, the whole processing operations are pretty good also.

2. What are the improvements in the process?

Generally speaking, current galvanized boiler design adopts the design form of steel structure, which is more accurate in size, and pays attention to the use demand in different fields, which can form a relatively stable application. And its structure is rigorous, the function operation guarantees, the construction also is more relaxed and convenient, more and more becomes the good choice in the production processing, satisfies the operation demand in the hot galvanization processing, brings the better use safeguard.

It has to be said that as an indispensable part of hot-dip galvanizing process, galvanizing kettlecan play a lot of roles, which should be strictly conducted in accordance with the operation specifications and requirements when used in practice. Under the technological transformation, the use of hot galvanizing will be better and better, ensuring product quality and safety.

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