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Galvanizing pot use specifications, operations must be understood 09.29,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

There are many equipments used in galvanizing production. From the perspective of use, the application of galvanizing pots is better. So how do you use such a galvanizing equipment? What are the operational specifications that need to be understood? Let's take a look at the precautions in actual operation to ensure that the tin-plated boiler is stable and supports a longer-term use guarantee.


The use of galvanizing pots, temperature control is more stressful, which will directly affect the use of the boiler. Nowadays, galvanizing equipment has been well developed in many industrial fields, and its functions are also obvious. According to different industrial processing conditions, the use of boilers will also be different, and the temperature should also be controlled accordingly. According to the current general production standards, the temperature should not exceed 460 degrees Celsius. If it is in the process of heat preservation, it should be controlled at 435 degrees Celsius as much as possible. It can have upper and lower temperature fluctuations, but not too high, so as to ensure stable use, thus ensuring the boiler. The service life.

Zinc-plated boilers also have a lot of application notes, but they also need to be optimistic about the boiler's operating specifications. It depends on whether there is corrosion and regular use of the boiler to avoid problems in long-term applications. Note that in particular, the treatment of dross should be carried out. If it is too much, it will cause local overheating, which has long affected the life of the product.

The use of galvanized pots should be fully understood, combined with different processing needs and other different treatments. In addition, regular maintenance is also necessary, and the corresponding treatment is carried out to support the safe use of the new pot. The quality is guaranteed, so that it can be used for a longer period of time, and the galvanizing process efficiency can also be used. Very good upgrade.

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