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First knowledge of small parts galvanizing line 09.25,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

The galvanizing line is the abbreviation of the galvanizing production line. It is a process for surface treatment of hot rolled coils and cold rolled coils. There are two types ofsmall parts galvanizing lines currently available on the market: continuous hot-dip galvanizing lines and continuous cold-galvanizing lines. The difference between the two is mainly due to different production processes.

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The hot-dip galvanizing process works like this: the steel is immersed in molten zinc and then a zinc-iron alloy coating is formed on its surface, which in turn protects the steel from corrosion. The cold galvanizing process works by cleaning the rust on the steel surface and then placing it in the plating solution. The cathode and the anode of the direct current are respectively connected to the two ends of the steel. After being energized for a period of time, a protective layer is formed. For protection.

Hot-dip galvanizing lines can be divided into four types, depending on the process flow.

First, the Kirk-Norte method (also known as Huilin Law). The steel strip is first coated with a plating aid to prevent oxidation during heating and then placed in a zinc pot for galvanizing. This process is cumbersome and the quality of the products produced is a bit poor.

Second, Sendzimir law. It is operated by the oxidation furnace and the reduction furnace. It uses advanced technology, so it is no longer used for pretreatment. It has been found to have some drawbacks after using it for a period of time. The temperature of the oxidation furnace will be high or low. Affects the reduction of the reduction furnace.

Third, the US Steel Law. It is specially used for pre-treatment of degreased alkali. The process is a bit complicated, but it has been improved, the adhesion of the coating has been improved a lot, and it can also meet the requirements of high quality.

The above is the basic situation of the galvanizing line of small parts. If you understand the details and use them, you will avoid unnecessary problems.

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