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Galvanizing lines production operations must meet regulatory requirements 09.21,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

A lot of materials are used in industrial processing and production. Metal materials are used a lot. These materials are processed into other finished products and used in different fields. The corrosion resistance of metals is not very good. The degree of corrosion is different in different environments. Anti-corrosion treatment can be used to extend the life of metal products. The galvanizing lines is obtained by galvanizing the metal wire.

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1、How to galvanize metal?

There are many ways to complete the process. First, the material is selected. The available materials can be selected from the supplied metal wires. Some curved or corroded metal wires cannot be used. After selecting the material, the metal wire is derusted, and some rust and impurities on the metal wire are treated. It is pickled in a pickling tank with a chemical solution, so that some stubborn impurities are disposed of. After completing this process, the next most important hot-dip galvanizing is to immerse the material in the molten zinc solution, so that the zinc liquid and the material react chemically, and the zinc alloy plating layer is on the surface of the metal wire, and finally the galvanized is formed. line.

2, in accordance with the production practices

In the galvanizing process, it is required to follow the production operation specifications, the operators must wear the work clothes, the gloves are necessary, and these are done to ensure the safety of the operators in the galvanizing process. Any mistakes in these operations, either product loss or damage to the name, cannot be in accordance with the specifications. The galvanizing process is to find experienced personnel, and all operators require professional training before they can be employed. The production operation of galvanizing lines is not very complicated. Knowing each process and familiarizing with the operation, according to the specification, not only can the galvanizing task be completed, but the whole production efficiency will also be improved.

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