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The waste acid regeneration treatment equipment has great function 09.13,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

In China, there are strict requirements for the treatment of waste acid, and there are different emission standards and penalty specifications across the country, most of which take PH=7(i.e., neutral) as the waste acid emission standard. However, it has to be noted that more advanced waste acid recycling equipment is needed now, otherwise the possibility of excessive heavy metals still exists in industrial waste acid that reaches national and regional emission standards even after being neutralized by acid and alkali.

 waste acid recycling equipment

1. Illegal discharge of waste acid is harmful

In many production processes, the utilization rate of sulfuric acid is low, when a large amount of sulfuric acid will be discharged along with the waste water containing acid. If these wastes are discharged without strict treatment, they will not only acidify the water body or soil, cause damage to the ecological environment, but also waste a lot of resources.

2. High efficiency of waste acid regeneration treatment equipment

The waste acid regeneration treatment equipment produced by hebei shuntai environmental protection company, through the acid crystallization and distillation process, can separate the harmful ferrous chloride in the calculation through the crystal separation of sulfuric acid, increase the concentration, cool down, crystallize, separate five steps, return the mother liquid to the system, and reuse the dilute acid extracted. The long service life of the equipment reduces the economic loss caused by customers' extra maintenance. Moreover, the device is applicable to a wide range of applications and easy to operate. High capacity, high cost performance, but also according to water quality and water requirements for selection, avoiding the waste of funds.

The waste acid recycling equipment has been comprehensively processed and upgraded through the technology of shuntai company, and the use efficiency of its own equipment has been greatly improved, providing customers with more advanced, energy-saving and efficient treatment equipment.

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