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What do you know about the new green hot dip galvanizing line?

source: 08.23,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

Hot dip galvanizing is a common method in many iron and steel industries. Do you know the current situation of hot galvanizing in China? Most galvanizing plants do not have environmental measures, or to cope with the environmental protection bureau or quality inspectors, and do something that seriously pollutes the air and groundwater. So today we are going to introduce a new type of green hot dip galvanizing line.


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Some good hot dip galvanizing plants, they can produce surface quality products at very low levels of zinc, but these manufacturers are all due to European galvanized manufacturers. They introduced some new environmental protection equipment in the process of hot dip galvanizing. Let's take a brief look at the role of these environmental protection equipment in the whole process.

First, acid fog treatment system. The acid fog in the pretreatment process has great pollution to the air, so using the acid fog treatment system can not only reduce the air pollution, but also provide a good working environment for the work.

Secondly, the equipment for iron removal and regeneration by electroless plating. The equipment can eliminate the acid and iron in the coplating solution, so that the coplating solution is purified, the generation of zinc slag is reduced, and the uniformity of the coating is improved.

Thirdly, the treatment of white eyes, in the process of reading zinc, help plating and drying heating of the workpiece immersed in zinc solution, will produce white smoke. We use white smoke treatment not only to reduce atmospheric and groundwater pollution, but also to galvanize staff to create a good working environment.

There is no doubt that the hot dip galvanizing industry in China is about to undergo a major transformation. The introduction of new environmental protection hot dip galvanizing line is also in favor, because the introduction of environmental protection equipment is a trend that advocates green environmental protection.


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