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On the development trend of hot dip galvanizing industry in China

source: 08.21,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

In recent years, China's economic development has been greatly enhanced. Under such circumstances, the hot dip galvanizing industry has also begun to develop rapidly. However, at that time, we did not realize the pollution of this industry.


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But pollution from the hot-dip galvanizing industry is unavoidable, so where does it go? Therefore, if we want to survive, we must take the road of environmental protection and sustainable development. Only in this way can this industry get a glimmer of vitality.

In the existing technical equipment, there are two kinds of treatment methods for waste acid wastewater. Second, using the principle of acid - base neutralization to achieve waste water reuse. In the long run, the second approach is more cost effective, and the principle is not difficult.

As for the acid fog pollution generated in the pretreatment part, we can adopt the closed treatment method, which is based on the principle of making the working environment in the state of negative pressure, and passing the collected acid fog into the washing tower for spraying until it meets the discharge standards and enters the atmosphere.

Finally, with regard to the treatment of white smoke, white smoke collector and closed cover can be used to filter and absorb white smoke. When the filtration is complete, the gas is discharged into the atmosphere.

In fact, the purpose of social development is to "carry out sustainable development", and hot dip galvanizingindustry is no exception. Only under the premise of not destroying the living environment, can enterprises have the opportunity to develop, and customers will choose you.


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