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PP board pickling tank to choose which brand

source: 08.14,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

What is the reliable way to treat metal corrosion? The corrosion resistance of metal products can be guaranteed by hot dip galvanizing. Why embalming? The use of steel and metal products in industry and other industries produces different degrees of corrosion in different environments. Galvanizing to solve the problem of metal preservation. In hot galvanizing process, the use of pp board pickling tank is required.

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What is the pickling tank used for? This is a container used for chemical treatment to remove rust, oxide and other sundries on the surface of various metal parts. Pickling trough has all sorts of material to make, common is PVC and pp sheet, with which kind of material is good? Compare the performance advantages of different materials, or pp plate is more suitable for the pickling tank, which can withstand high temperature, and has good impact resistance, strong structure and easy to damage. Now, in the long processing and manufacturing of hot galvanizing, there are many pickling troughs for pp plate, which are necessary equipment in the pickling and washing process of products to remove rust and scale.

It is more important to choose good material with pickling trough, and choose brand even. What brands of pickle do you have today? Search can have result on the net, as to choosing which brand product, want to see to choose requirement and condition, from which Angle considers product problem. The pickling tank is necessary for hot dip galvanizing and is also used in other aspects. Ensure long service life of products, select products to see quality and product brand, select high quality brand pp pickling trough can be assured. Products to be used in accordance with the standard standards, also pay attention to the maintenance of products, there are good pickling tank, other processing production efficiency.


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