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What materials are used to make the hot dip galvanizing tank

source: 08.14,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

With the development of industry, hot dip galvanizing products are used in many fields now, because such products have good corrosion resistance and long service life. Compared with common equipment, obviously the equipment after galvanizing is of better quality. The treatment product will use hot dip galvanizing tank for the formation of zinc alloy.

Hot dip galvanizing tank

The galvanizing tank has two parts, which include heating chamber and galvanizing tank. The heating chamber is set above the galvanized tank with inner lining. The heating plate is set on the bottom of the heating chamber. This kind of galvanized slot is used, compared with the commonly used galvanized slot, can prevent the corrosion damage of galvanized slot, more energy saving, longer service life. The galvanizing slot that USES has the different that makes material, the galvanizing slot that different material makes has different property, the zinc bath that makes with refractory material and steel material is made is galvanizing groove, among them the galvanizing groove that steel material is made is used extensively, easy to maintain and change.

Choose to use galvanizing bath to galvanize work, put the equipment that needs to galvanize into galvanizing bath inside, undertake to feed, pickling, galvanize, passivate wait for industrial operation, finish the processing of galvanizing product finally. Use galvanization product not easy corrode, service life is lengthened, can use galvanization product in the respect such as protection of communication tower, highway, such industry product is superior than common performance, use effect is more ideal, reduce energy consumption, more energy-saving environmental protection.  Hot dip galvanizing tank with steel material is good, want to have galvanization trough to be usable, the product that far major normal manufacturer produces, enter manufacturer official website to place an order directly, buy direct from manufacturer take goods, assure quality.


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