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How do manufacturers properly use galvanizing pots 08.08,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

For some manufacturers, reasonable use of some props or devices is a very important step, many manufacturers can provide some safe working environment. Galvanizing pot is a few manufacturer, very common component, reasonable and correct use, also be very important thing, such also have the effect that a lot of safeguard to the safety of some worker.

First, strictly control the temperature of the zinc solution, the temperature should not exceed 400 degrees Celsius, otherwise it may cause damage to the whole operation of the galvanized pot. At the same time, the production output should be adapted to its own size, and should not exceed the heat load of the heating surface, or it will lead to rupture. Zinc residue should not be deposited on the heating surface, which requires enhanced cleaning of the residue. The design concept of this kind of furnace also needs to be handled carefully, and the heat should be avoided in the place with zinc residue, which will cause the burst of the furnace, which will bring safety hazard to the whole development.

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At the same time, a small molten zinc pot is used to melt zinc ingots and zinc chips, do not directly add cold zinc ingots to the zinc-liquid zinc pot, or it will cause safety risks. Also, avoid using a galvanized pot to heat the ingot directly and then melt it.

In the production process, the manufacturer should try to operate the production organization work as well as possible, do not open and stop, this can easily lead to cold and hot, which will lead to the galvanized pot wall of iron and zinc alloy layer off, so will lose the effect of protection. Galvanizing pot in the use of the process, the manufacturer should be cautious, not because some careless cause of the entire factory in a dangerous environment, to be cautious.

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