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The characteristic of hot dip galvanizing hot diffusion powder 08.06,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

Powder zincation process belongs to the solid multi - element thermal diffusion coating processing technology. It can significantly improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, oxidation resistance and impact resistance of metal materials, expand the application scope of metal materials, and is also a heat diffusion surface strengthening technology. Hot dip plating technology is to coat a layer of metal or alloy on the surface of the rigid substrate, forming a hot dip coating of steel to extend the life. In essence, the zinc-permeating layer is not an external coating, but the surface of the matrix material is treated, so that the surface of the matrix material changes chemically and morphologically. In summary, the powder zincation process has the following characteristics:

First, the coating thickness is the best uniform, and the thickness of the thermal diffusion zinc-permeable layer only depends on the standard heating temperature and duration, which is independent of the shape and position of the component. When dealing with complicated members, the zinc-permeating layer has prominent advantages. No matter the thread, the inner wall or the grooves, the coating that changes between 20-110pm can be obtained through the control specification, and the thickness of the permeating layer is almost the same.

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2. The coating has the highest hardness, strong wear resistance and scratch resistance. The microhardness of zinc-permeated powder can reach 250-420hv. The surface of hot-dip and point galvanized layer is pure zinc, the hardness of the coating is generally 75-88hv, and the hot-spraying zinc layer is also pure zinc with a porosity of 1% to 15%, so the hardness is lower.

Third, the coating and the basic binding strength are high, generally it is difficult to remove the coating with mechanical force. Zinc-permeating layer of thermal diffusion powder is diffusion metallurgy, while electroplating and hot-spray galvanizing are mechanical and physical, the former bonding strength is obviously higher than the latter. Although the hot dip coating is metallurgical bonding, its binding strength is lower than that of the hot diffusion powder due to the short heating time.

4. The corrosion resistance of the coating is significantly higher than that of point galvanization, which is 10%-30% higher than that of hot-dip galvanization. The thermal diffusion powder zincation layer is the structure of ferrozn alloy. The potential difference between zincation and iron is lower than that between zn and iron. So it ACTS as an anode protection layer.

Good coating quality. The thermal diffusion powder zinc-permeating layer is uniform and has good adhesion strength with paint and polymer coating materials.

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