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Environmental protection measures for hot dip galvanizing workshop 08.04,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

Hot dip galvanizing of steel is one of the important means to prevent atmospheric corrosion of steel, but hot dip galvanizing acid washing will produce acid fog, zinc smoke, acid ticket water absorption and other things, these things not only bring certain pollution to the environment, but also have certain physical health hazards to the staff of acid cleaning workshop. In the face of acid fog, zinc smoke and other exhaust gas, what measures should we take?

Acid fog: first of all, acid fog is a reaction between acid and iron, which produces a large amount of hydrogen. Secondly, because of the particularity of batch hot-dip galvanizing production, the method of fully enclosed, side suction and moving cover can be adopted. Finally, for the purification of acid fog, since acid fog is a water-soluble gas of HCL, we can use NAOH to absorb it, and at the same time, we can also use acid fog recovery treatment device.

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Zinc-smoke: firstly, zinc-smoke is the decomposition of aluminated ammonia produced by coating the plating agent. Secondly, the purification of zinc-smoke can be carried out by dry separation and wet separation.

Waste water treatment measures: the sources of waste water are mainly acid washing liquid of hydrochloric acid, acid mist washing wastewater, rinsing water after acid washing, etc., the wastewater is mainly acidic. We can use the waste acid recovery equipment to treat the waste acid.

The specific process of the environmental protection measures used in the hot dip galvanizing workshop can be referred to the proceedings of the 10th China hot dip galvanizing academic technology exchange conference. The equipment used can be consulted in detail on the official website of hebei Anno automation technology co., LTD.

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