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The efficiency of galvanized equipment will be affected by iron ions, you know?

source: 07.27,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

As we know, many people have limited knowledge of hot-dip galvanization and want to know about the control system, hot-dip galvanization factory, etc. The efficiency of galvanized equipment is affected by iron ion, the advantages of galvanized equipment processing fasteners

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In order to ensure the production capacity of galvanizing equipment is efficient and orderly, it is necessary to process and acid wash the galvanizing equipment and to grasp the details well. Then what factors have an impact on the speed of pickling galvanized equipment?

Solution of hydrochloric acid concentration and temperature is a big decision efficiency, this knowledge believe is known to all, but in addition to this, also is related with the concentration of iron ion, because ferric oxide and ferroferric oxide in hydrochloric acid in normal room temperature is difficult to dissolve, but with iron touched at the same time it is easy to produce chemical reaction. So at the time of pickling galvanization equipment must right amount add some iron, so that you can accelerate the rate of acid pickling, acid liquid and generally less, iron ion added more pickling speed will be slower, once the iron too much, will lose the effect of acid pickling, allocate the time to make sure that the acid lotion contains certain iron to join

According to the above, in the process of acidification, the galvanized equipment should not only pay attention to the concentration of solution and the temperature of galvanization, but also control the iron ions and the concentration of iron ions.


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