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How is zinc ash separator used? What are the advantages?

source: 07.19,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

Nowadays, the country has very strict requirements on environmental protection, especially in industrial processing. Recently Mr Zhang galvanized factory is suffering because this problem for a long time, his original production line is aging, many aspects need to conduct a comprehensive reorganization, his friend is through the introduction of the zinc ash separator, to speak of such a device, can also have a good introduction to Mr Zhang.


Mr. Zhang ordered zinc-ash separator on the network, and changed his original production line. I have to say that compared with the original production line, there is a better use guarantee. How does such a separator work? Zhang also to have a simple introduction and explanation, because of the new equipment, for his galvanized factory processing have better help, both on the machining efficiency and on the use is very good, he as an introduction to the basic advantages and characteristics of such a device.

Because is hard to avoid in the processing of galvanized factory are there will be a lot of metal zinc, zinc oxide, etc., on the separation if not dealing with fine is not only caused the waste, but also easy to damage to the environment. Mr. Zhang has thought of many ways and used a lot of equipment, but the efficiency of the treatment is not good, and it is not easy to meet the national environmental standards. Used the zinc ash separator, the whole processing efficiency have improved significantly, the stability of the device is better, and compared with the traditional processing technology in technology have good improvement, good processing efficiency, cost is also not so high, the most important thing is less pollution to the environment, to suggest that the most important, now also got very good control, for his future development also has a very good help.

Mr. Zhang said that the use of this zinc ash separator are still very good, there is nothing difficult in the operation, if all necessary equipment of the factory, of course, is to choose the solid model, stable operation to help have a better production and processing efficiency.

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