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How about hot dip galvanizing line? How does it work?

source: 07.16,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

Nowadays, the production technology is developing continuously, and there are many new production line choices in industrial processing. Steel processing of fujian province Mr Summers has recently changed their production line, adopt new hot dip galvanizing line is given priority to, now the whole machining efficiency is significantly increased, according to a lot of people now, Mr Xia will introduce something about this production line.

hot dip galvanizing line

Mr Summers in April when the hot galvanizing production line as the main production line of steel processing, this decision is very good for him, as an old customer, sums up his focus on production line several advantages:

The first is the processing of steel with high efficiency, Mr Xia said before the old production line is because the processing efficiency is not so good, so his thought about to change, obviously has adopted after galvanizing production line with high quality. The production line will form a special metallurgical structure in the galvanized layer, which will greatly increase the pressure, durability and reliability, so as to make the coating more durable.

Second, the cost is relatively low. It has been three months since Mr. Xia started using it in April and now it is July. This kind of production line coating needs the paint material cost originally low, the cost cost cost is little, the follow-up processing benefit is high, let Mr. Xia feel very happy.

Finally is the steel quality guaranteed, Mr Summers since the use of hot dip galvanizing line, steel processing quality is much better than before, can form the comprehensive protection, inspection way is more worry is simple, but also save time and effort, staff feedback said the operation is simple, use a guaranteed.


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