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Introduction and instructions for basic use of galvanized pot

source: 07.16,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

When it comes to galvanizing pot, many people may not be familiar with them. Ms. Zhou, who has been engaged in steel processing for many years, has experience. Ms zhou use galvanized pot processing also has for some time, she is through introducing the friend ordered the production line to replace his old factory original production line, have to say that the machining efficiency is very high, safe and reliable protection. Ms. Zhou shares her experience with many people about the device and its use.

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Ms weeks since the end of 2017 introduced galvanized pot as a production line, compared to your original old line, ms zhou: don't mention how happy, the whole processing efficiency that is pretty good, especially the quality, than the original well don't know how many, both hardness and toughness is very good. Besides, the equipment is efficient and the cost is not high. She is quite satisfied with the present production and processing.

Say equipment use items, ms zhou also according to your own experience, is mainly the following: first, temperature control is very exquisite, must strictly control the temperature of the liquid zinc, the best temperature control at 480 degrees Celsius, don't too high, otherwise will cause damage; Secondly, there should be no zinc residue on the equipment, which will affect the heating effect. Regular cleaning should be carried out to ensure the good and stable application of the equipment.

In fact, the whole use of galvanized pot is very good, Ms. Zhou is engaged in the industry management of the Spring Festival, said that the use of this equipment after processing efficiency is good, product quality safety is guaranteed. Thanks to is introduced this kind of boiler, now the factory processing operation has better security, reputation evaluation is also growing, she said she really pretty good, suggested that everyone can be replaced.


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