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hot dip galvanizing lines has advantages over electric galvanized wire

source: 07.13,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

When many factories are building production lines, they often encounter some problems and don't know how to choose. For example, the most common choice between hot dip galvanizing lines and electric galvanized wire, which is better? Professional production line to build institutions, can answer that question for you, in fact both have their own advantages, mainly to see what factories to produce products, but over the past few years, because hot dip galvanizing line has many advantages, so in more extensive applications.

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Compared with the two production lines, hot-dip galvanized wire can generate thicker coating for the product, with better corrosion resistance, lower production cost and less impact on the environment. In addition, if the plate, tape, wire, pipe and other shaped materials are plated, the degree of automation is higher. So, a lot of shipbuilding, petroleum processing, gas transmission, Bridges, road guardrails and other manufacturers, will choose hot dip galvanized wire.

At present, Hebei Annuo Automation Technology Co,.Ltd has advanced equipment and excellent technology of hot dip galvanizing lines , and has been committed to the construction of environmental protection and energy conservation, which can help the factory to become an energy-saving and environment-friendly enterprise. According to customer's requirement and specification, the production line of different standard is built, and conforms to iso9001:200 standard, strictly control the quality. Built many companies use our hot dip galvanizing line, 24 hours a day all the year round production, product quality is good, can be more than 98% pass rate, bring good economic benefits for the factory. It is suggested that when selecting production line construction, the manufacturer must find a reputable organization, otherwise it may bring safety hidden danger and even cause production safety accidents.



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