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Efficient rust remover! There will be no more dust in the process of galvanizing

source:/ 07.09,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

Some manufacturers in the purchase of hot galvanizing equipment, often in the use of a large number of dust ash deposits, these are produced so that? That's because the galvanized equipment used in the long run, will rust rust after rusty spot to be made of plated metal fusion together will cause the emergence of a large amount of dust, this situation is particularly dirty is not good. And to say below small make up is a kind of high efficiency rust remover can effectively solve the galvanized equipment rust, the rust remover is specifically tailored for galvanizing industry manufacturing, can thoroughly solve the rust of galvanized happen.


Now let's talk about the characteristics of the rust remover.

1. Good environmental protection performance, strong effect of low foam and fog suppression, generally can reduce acid fog by 90 percent, non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free, non-irritating smell, and fragrant smell.

2. Thorough rust removal and high quality pickling surface can prolong the time of secondary rust on workpiece surface after pickling

3. Add acid lotion after use to greatly extend the service life of more than 2 times, directly reduce the cost of acid cleaning

It can reduce the discharge of waste liquid by more than 50 percent, greatly reducing the discharge pressure and treatment cost

5. Effectively control the growth of iron ions during pickling, and inform the accident of iron ions at the source of galvanized production

6. Effectively reduce the consumption of galvanizing, and the comprehensive economic benefits are obvious

These is small make up to introduce, the characteristics of the rust remover in the use of hot dip galvanizing plants  on some of this product for galvanized equipment effect is very good, this product is galvanized manufacturer of choice!

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