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There's no need to worry about accidents during zinc plating

source:/ 07.09,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

We all know that galvanizing is a relatively technical work, because it needs to be used when Hot Galvanizing Lines , the products have a lot of what stoves, dust extractors. These are all required to be operated by employees, but there are many dangerous links in the operation process, and accidents may occur if you are not careful.


Below small make up why galvanized equipment gave you talk about at the time of use is very dangerous, because the galvanized equipment, at the time of use will produce large amounts of heat energy, the heat energy and storage equipment met together will produce instability, when some employees improper operation will be an explosion, the explosion will cause splash and injury to employees.

Therefore, this job is more difficult to recruit employees, because no one wants to do a particularly dangerous job, but there is no solution. The explosion-proof agent can be used to prevent the explosion of galvanized equipment. The specific functions of the explosion-proof agent are as follows.

1. The water drying rate of the workpiece is fast when it is hoisted

2. Prevent the workpiece from zinc explosion, effectively reduce industrial accident, safe and environment-friendly.

3. Improve the flow of galvanized liquid at the workpiece interface, effectively reduce the zinc liquid tumor hanging, make the coating more uniform, greatly reduce the production of zinc ash, and effectively reduce the zinc consumption

4. Increase the adhesion of zinc layer to prevent the workpiece from missing plating

5. Reduce the consumption of plating solution and save the galvanized agent

As long as in the use of galvanized equipment with some explosion-proof agent, can prevent galvanized equipment from the nature of the instability, reduce can effectively prevent the Hot Galvanizing Equipment after the explosion.


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