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What is the difference between hot dip galvanizing lines and galvanized wire

source:/ 07.07,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

I don't know how many people heard the term hot dip galvanizing lines , hot dip galvanized first refers to the high temperature circumstances will heart above the line of the normal plating to protect the purpose of thin lines, at the same time, there is another without heating could called galvanized iron wire, galvanized small make up today to compare it with others, the difference between hot dipped galvanized wire and galvanized wire.

Literally, is only one letter short compound and galvanizing line first, is the question of whether they are heated, although in fact is not such, this way they reflect different production technology, although there are heating the hot galvanizing line process, but relatively the process more simple, because of the galvanizing line didn't add this function, so it is mainly rely on chemical changes, and galvanizing line he mainly depend on the change of the physical, there the nature of the differences between the two.


Hot dip galvanizing line due to temperature has a relatively high requirements, so in the process of galvanized thermostat is a condition of hot galvanizing line necessary, however, because of the constant temperature condition is too harsh, so that our country many manufacturers are constantly efforts, constantly trying, want to change it must need the characteristic of constant temperature, but has been trying to change, this phenomenon does not have a few years, a lot of change, so hot dip galvanizing lines  is still in the next few years our country galvanizing line are the mainstream of development!

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