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Let you produce the galvanized equipment without worry, look at the quality of good manufacturers

source: 06.22,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

    With the development of industrial technology, hot dip galvanized products is also booming, has been applied to many fields, the advantages of hot galvanizing is anticorrosion fixed number of year for a long time, to adapt to the environment are widely has always been a popular method for prevention of corrosion. So now, if you have good galvanizing equipment , you will catch up with a wave of development and become a wave of development.


    In existing hot galvanizing equipment, slightly backward, Jimmy's unit in hot galvanizing production due to the limitation of equipment can only be used commonly, Jimmy's method, although the effect is good, but compared to the top now compared to the hot galvanizing production is relatively backward. At this time of rapid development, one step behind means one step behind. So we must choose the galvanized equipment produced by the manufacturer. Good manufacturers often spend a lot of money on technology research and development, and by absorbing the advanced galvanizing equipment production technology at home and abroad, and then independently develop and produce the galvanizing technology.

    Advanced galvanizing equipment. At this time, the improved senkimi hot-dip galvanizing process can be better used for production. It's Jimmy, independently of oxidation furnace and reduction furnace are linked by a smaller cross-sectional area of corridor, such, including preheating furnace, reducing furnace and cooling section of the annealing furnace constitute an organic whole. It has been proved that this method has many advantages: high quality, high yield, low consumption and safety.

    Therefore, it can be seen that the production of advanced galvanized equipment can greatly increase the output, but also reduce the consumption of materials, kill a lot. So be sure to choose a good manufacturer to purchase galvanized equipment, hebei Solomon is a company specializing in the production of galvanized furnace, zinc pot, zinc, zinc smoke separator and other equipment of the old galvanized equipment company, welcome the demand the company to factory inspection, we wholeheartedly at your service.


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