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How to identify good hot-dip galvanizing equipment

source: 06.15,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

hot dip galvanizing plants in the market there are a lot of people difficult to choose. The quality of hot-dip galvanizing equipment will directly affect whether it can be used, or whether there will be accidents. Our hebei annuo co., LTD is specialized in environmental protection, hot dip galvanization and the consultation, design, manufacture and installation of the whole production line. Here, we give you a real case.


We undertake taixing guardrail of north China co., LTD., hot dip galvanized zinc pot pot project size 1200/1100 * 4500 * 3000, the customer is through online several contrast, as well as the actual factory visits and other company's project, the production level of our strength and expressed his recognition greatly, therefore chose us hebei Solomon's environmental protection equipment, we use the facts, the company adhering to the "based on science and technology as the guide, management, good faith as the basic, quality as life" business philosophy. We strictly follow the principles of cooperation, mutual benefit, win-win and development. It is our duty to protect the environment, save energy and reduce consumption, and bring benefits to mankind. Continuous innovation, continuous progress, to create a domestic popular environmental - friendly hot - galvanizing production line first - class suppliers.

We know that the biggest advantage of hot galvanizing equipment is corrosion resistance and strong adhesion. The quality of hot galvanizing equipment is mainly judged from this point of view. If there is no strong corrosion resistance, the consequences are unimaginable. If it's not resistant to corrosion, it's going to happen in a hot environment, it's going to explode, and if it hurts people, it's going to get worse. So to a certain extent, if the equipment is not good, it will pose a threat to people's life security. This is a consequence none of us would like to see. In order to prevent this terrible consequence, we need to do some tests on the product in advance, otherwise there will be an accident and it will be too late to say anything.

As we all know, a lot of hot galvanizing equipment is exposed to the outside all year round. In rainy days, we cannot do anything to protect it. If it rains a few times and the zinc on the device is dissolved by water, there's no way it can work again. Then we'll be in a hole. So moisture resistance is something we need to pay attention to when we buy equipment.

Of course, want to buy good hot dip galvanizing plants, also need to find a few credit to compare the company with high degree, such quality also can be at ease. It is hoped that in the future, the service life of hot-dip galvanized equipment can also be longer, which requires the manufacturer to make efforts.


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